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Finally get that custom High End Gaming PC you have always wanted. Don’t waste money on a cheap Dell, HP, Alienware maker that cuts corners and uses cheap parts. Get something better and more unique. Get a Fatal Blow Gaming Rig! Each Computer is hand built with style in mind. Own a unique looking and powerful gaming computer. Using only the latest high-end parts at every level. Attention to detail is number one. Don’t just like your gaming rig – LOVE IT!

“The fun starts before you even load up a game!” – GamerUnit

Gone are the days of boring assembly line machines. Brag and show off your one of a kind PC to all of your friends. Love Fornite and want a gaming pc that shows that off – we have that! If we do not have what you want contact us and we will build what you want. You do not have to pick your parts from a drop down list. Let us know what you are looking for and we will give you a quote. When we say “custom” we mean it!

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These Gaming PC’s all one of a kind so their quantity is only 1. First come first serve.

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Showing all 4 results